Good morning, Berserkers!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous FRIDAY! It is almost the weekend people! Freak out!

Anywhooo….after writing my post about how to eat healthy when you’re broke, I figured I would share the supplements and vitamins that I take as well.

Here’s the list:

Vitamin C

Some new vitamins and supplements I’m interested in trying out are:

Collagen (vegan)
Vitamin D
Vitamin K

If any of you take any of the vitamins & supplements listed above, feel free to comment with what your favorite brand is! I would love some suggestions!

Vegan Grocery List When You’re Broke AF

Hello all! I have recently been on a tightttt budget while saving money to move abroad (post about moving to come soon) and I have developed a Vegan grocery list on the cheap.

It has been widely believed that eating healthy when you’re broke is impossible and not easy at all. To be honest, that is a load of crap. There are a ton of easy ways to maintain, or even begin a healthy diet while on a tight budget.

That being said: here is a grocery list that I follow when on a budget.

Old Fashion Oats
Black Beans (4 cans)
Chickpeas (4 cans)
Spinach (2 bags)
Lemons (10)
Green Pepper
Red Onion
Raw Tortillas
Rice Cakes
Peanut Butter
Almond Milk
Dijon Mustard
Green Salsa Verde

There you have it! I sometimes will give or take items, depending on what I need during the next week. But generally, with just one person, this should last you up to 2 1/2 weeks. If you calculate that out, it’s generally going to be about $0.98 per meal!

If you have any questions about recipes that I make out of the following ingredients, let me know!

Have a great week!


Hello, Berserkers!

It is only February and there have already been many changes and decisions going on in my life during 2018. For one, I quit my job.

This is the first ‘professional’ job I’ve ever quit and this decision was scary as hell. It was a decision that kept me up all night, crying every hour, and then getting a weird burst of happy overflow due to lack of sleep and probably dehydration from all of the water leaving my tear ducts. BUT, this job was toxic for me, so leaving it was the right thing to do. However, taking the plunge and leaving your income behind, is really terrifying.

There were a few things I’ve learned from this experience: First, when you are in an environment so toxic that you have panic attacks before going into work every morning, you need to get OUT of there. Second, make sure you at least have some sort of financial plan before officially resigning. That way, there is a clear cut goal that you know you can work towards. This helps to keep you looking forward, rather than feeling overwhelmed and not knowing which direction to turn to. Third, reach out to people in your network! This will help to get your name out there. Something as simple as asking for a person in your network to share your contact with a couple of people who may be looking to hire, can go a long way.

I am hoping to get back on my feet sooner rather than later, but overall, I do not regret this decision. It is a learning process that I have not yet had to embark on, so I am ready to take this head on and most importantly, bounce back.

Happy February!


Here I am again! It’s January & it seems that I’m following a trend on this blog…only posting once a month. At first I was really annoyed at myself for neglecting it like that, but at the same time, once a month is better than nothing at all. I’ll take it!

January is always the loooongest month of the year it seems. It can be very overwhelming yet mundane but also challenging and exciting! What I mean by challenging is that “new year new me” mentality. As much bad rap as that gets, I think some self care and motivation is such a healthy agenda! Why not want to become a better version of yourself?! Welcome in that challenge with open arms because that mentality gets things DONE!

It does not stick for most people, including myself, but that is the game! Life is a rollercoaster like that. Even if you aren’t going to stick with it (which is ok!) at least you are giving yourself some positive attention for at least a little while. Way better than doing nothing!

I hope everyone is having a good time taking some time to focus on their personal well being! Happy January!

December Dash

Hello beserkers!

I have neglected this blog for literal months and I am feeling SUPER guilty.

I seriously miss it and figured, why not start during the midst of the craziest time of the year: The Holidays!

I don’t know about you, but I am V excited to fly home to my family in San Diego and get some much needed sunshine in my life!

I am so looking forward to spending time with family, old friends, and the comfort of home in general. It is always a strange feeling walking into your home after not being home for months and months on end. The nostalgia from childhood always comes flooding back and things just seem a little simpler. That is the holiday feeling that I love the most.

Through all of the deadlines, crowded airports, and crazy relatives, there is always that bright light that shines through and makes you feel ~home~. Whether it be a moment between you and a family member, an old memory from a decoration that catches your eye, or the moment you notice that the room is so crowded and hectic with people from your past and present but you wouldn’t have it any other way. There is always at least that ONE moment that shines through and makes the holiday madness all worth while.

Does anybody else have those types of experiences as well? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Happy Holidays Berserkers!


Vegan Adventure

So, I recently started a “body revamp” journey after realizing I gained 20 pounds in the past year (wtf?!) and have been doing a lot of research on weight loss.

I quickly found out that a medication I had been prescribed (a year ago) was a main culprit but, in my eyes, there had to be more to it than that.

I have been eating a lot of meat & cheeses in the past year due to my boyfriend Chris and I’s love for charcuterie boards. We’ve been making them a lot since living together (5 months woot woot) and that has definitely been a culprit of my weight gain as well.

Soooo moving on. As many of you may have seen, this year on Netflix a documentary called <What the Health came out and has made a major impact on people’s lifestyle. How can one Netflix documentary do this you might ask? Well, it has lifted the veil of dairy & meat products being good for you, from viewers eyes. Watch it. It rocks.

The main take away from this documentary is: Meat & dairy have no place in a humans diet because we, as humans, are not meant to be carnivores. The diet that nature had intended for humans to be is in fact, herbivore. The earth is paying the consequences after thousands upon thousands of years of farming cattle & other animals such as chickens and pigs. Anyways, I digress.

The point that I am trying to make is that after viewing this documentary, I never want meat or cheese in my diet again. What is left to eat then? A shit ton. That’s right. A shit ton of healthy and delicious food is still available if animal products are not included in your diet.

I now am fascinated by Veganism. It seems that being vegan is probably the healthiest diet to maintain because it is a much more natural way of consuming food. The body is much more accustomed to working with a plant based diet.

I’ve been practicing this vegan diet for just a few days now, and already feel much lighter and like my body is going through a much needed detox.

Anywho…I will keep posting about this Vegan adventure as I start the shift in my lifestyle!

Any vegans out there who have any input on this? And any recipes they’d like to share for a little beginner like me?

Talk to you soon y’all!

PS. Happy first day of October!


Wild Idea

So I have this passion for finding really old crappy furniture from thrift stores and repurposing them or making small simple changes to help bring the piece to the 21st century. I’m finding I need some sort of release after teaching all day in a stressful environment.

My wild idea that I had this afternoon is to try to start a mini business by selling pieces that I’ve updated or repurposed. I am not a business centered person by any means, but I am an underpaid & overworked teacher who would love some extra cash. Not to mention a hobby to let go of some of the day to day stressors that come with the career.

Has anyone tried anything like this before? I am really excited about it but am very nervous that people won’t be interested in buying this sort of product. I am also concerned about where to market my items that I am selling.

If anyone has any advice to help support my wild idea, please let me know! I’d love to hear your feedback.



This is just a journal type entry discussing my diet and how it is so easy to merge away from it.

I have been such a busy bee with the school year starting up in August! Teaching is the best but it takes SO MUCH out of me sometimes! Coming home and blogging, working out, and staying healthy is not always easy for me.

My classroom is not a typical classroom in the education world. I have a handful of children who are classified as “ED” which means that they have some emotional disorders. This makes for a rowdy and fast paced class setting! But also a very stressful one.

With that type of stressful job environment, I find it very difficult to stay motivated and ready to take on my health centered ideas after school. This is purely a lazy thing.

I could absolutely make better eating choices if I wanted to butttttt….sometimes my laziness tackles my motivation. Is anybody else like this or am I alone on this lazy girl island?

I am sick today so I stayed home and have been eating as healthy as I can without making a run to the grocery store. This is what I’m eating/drinking today:
1. Black Iced Coffee
2. Fruit Salad & Honey (apple + banana + strawberries)

1. Roasted Vegetables (broccoli + green pepper + brussel sprouts + zucchini)
2. Veggie & Hard Boiled Egg Wrap
3. Green tea with lemon + honey

1. Green tea with lemon + honey
2. Protein Bites (2)

1. Green tea with lemon + honey
2. Roasted Vegetables (broccoli + green pepper + brussel sprouts + zucchini)
3. Naan

This is what I’m working with today! Hoping to shed some lbs and get healthy (mentally & physically).

Hoping for some positive change here in the next few months!

Body Revamp Update

Hello again!

This weekend has been a bit challenging when trying to stick to my plan. Chris and I attended a gala for St. Jude where Chris was asked to Emcee! He was amazing of course, and the night was filled with joy (and lot’s of free alcohol) so of course, we drank and had a fun time. Because the drinks were flowing so freely (pun intended) I was determined to use portion control on the delicious food that was catered at the event. This was challenging because all of the food looked so yummy, but was able to contain self control and ate a reasonable sized portion.

Today, the morning started off with a smoothie bowl but the cravings were REAL. I was a little bad because I melted down some semi-sweet chocolate chips and dipped strawberries and bananas in it. That was made up for during dinner because Chris made an amazing roasted vegetable blend. Throughout the day, I had glasses of green tea & LOTS of water. That water is my lifeline today after the plethora of drinks last night.

As far as exercising goes, I ran the past 2 mornings at 5:45 am. I have been getting back into the game so the runs (or really slow jogs) have lasted only about 20 minutes. Today (Saturday) Chris and I decided to take a mile walk after dinner to get some sort of exercise in for the day. BUT, I am planning on picking back up with the running tomorrow.

I’ve learned that the best way to motivate myself to run, is to constantly sign up for races, so money and running on public, is the motivator. The next race that me and a friend are planning on running is the St. Jude run on September 23rd. This gives us exactly two weeks to prepare and get ready for the 5k. Baby steps lead to big results!

If anyone has any fitness advice for a lazy gal like myself, please reach out! I would love to have a conversation about it!


Body Revamp Day One!

Okay….so today was semi-awesome!

I was able to go through my routine and complete everything I wanted to do… whole foods, jogging, the whole shebang. Well, minus not hitting the snooze button. That still happened..but only like once (okay twice) but I still got up and jogged!

Something I learned recently which is saving my life today- frozen grapes: snack hack! It is seriously the best thing ever!!!

Anyways…anyone have any other snack hacks they are willing to share? I would realllllly appreciate it on this journey!

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